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E3 Training Solutions 

We work with companies, organizations and individuals to create learning experiences that are engaging but most of all effective

We are device and software agnostic. We work in the formats and environments that best suit your learners, employees and community.  Every project is unique and we take a custom approach to each one.   

Our Services

Engage your community with accessible, high-quality material.

Enhance your community with new skills and knowledge.

Employ measurable and evidence-based learning and training solutions within your community.  


Our Services

Engagement via Video

Videos that gain attention and help learners/employees retain important facts and understandings.

Interactive Ebooks

Don't just create an ebook, create an interactive ebook with insights into how your learners are accessing the material.

Learning Management Systems

Want to use a learning management system?  We know them all (Moodle, Prime, Absorb, Blackboard, Canvas) let's see which one suits your project.  


Do your learners need to be able to practice authentic situations?   We utilize Branchtrack to give learners real-life experiences to make mistakes from the comfort of their laptops.

Drone Storytellng

It is amazing how high quality video can help you tell your company's story.  We incorporate drone video whenever it adds to the story and learner engagement.

Course Design

This is our bread and butter. Have a team of experienced instructional designers look at your outcomes and streamline your material.

Our Clients

Ready to find out more?

Drop us a line and let's discuss your training/learning initiatives.  Imagine what your community would be like if your training needs were effectively organized and managed.  

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